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I research materials and modes of production for a circular economy

I am an associate professor at the Faculty of Management and Economics, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, and an International Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. My research takes place at the intersection of circular economy, open source biomaterials, and digital fabrication.

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Research Areas

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Circular Economy

A circular economy comprises a set of strategies to maintain and circulate products, components and materials within biological and technical cycles. Research focuses on the development of local and regional-scale flows for a more resilient circular economy. Intersecting areas include the study of socio-ecological systems, common-pool resources, and knowledge commons. Image: ecoregions.

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Open Source Biomaterials

Through the platform Materiom, research focuses on materials made from polymers derived from renewable sources of biomass and common minerals. Themes include the identification of abundant sources of biomass, sourcing and extraction techniques, and open source and FAIR data infrastructure for accelerated research and development. Image: Agar bioplastic.

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Digital Fabrication

Research focuses on leveraging digital fabrication technologies through the international Fab Lab network for enabling local and regional-scale production. Themes include open materials metrology, and accessible materials processing technology. Image: Fab Labs Map.

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Regenerative materials

Regenerative materials

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